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Published Nov 03, 21
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Also, you can respond to messages that your patients send on social media to build relationships and reduce anxiety even more. The right social media marketing strategy will help people feel comfortable about going to the dentist. You strive to ensure that each patient you serve is satisfied when they visit your practice.

Social media breaks down the barriers between practices and patients. People can ask questions and receive personalized responses. This allows you to provide the best service, even when patients aren’t inside your practice. People will see you as more than a dentist when you utilize social media marketing. They will see you as a person they can trust.

When patients follow you on social media, they are more likely to use your practice every time they need a dentist. If you want your patients to keep coming back, social media is a must. It’s an excellent way to develop long-term relationships with your patients. Social media marketing includes social listening.

Your audience can even help your practice when you have a Facebook page. They can recommend your practice to others, which can give you a huge boost. In fact, one out of three visitors uses Facebook to look at Recommendations and reviews. Facebook is also a great place to promote different kinds of content.

Dentists are often afraid to use Twitter to promote their practices, and that’s a shame. This social media platform is an excellent way to become part of the conversation. Also, with the character limit increased to 280 characters per tweet, it’s easier to get your point across in tweets. You can use Twitter to talk about current events, such as industry trends.

Instagram is the perfect channel to reach younger people. Seventy-five percent of people ages 18-24 have Instagram accounts, while 57 percent of those ages 25-30 use the site. This site is the best place to market before-and-after photos of procedures as long as you get a release from your patients.

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Online reputation management will help you accomplish this. This is the process of monitoring, influencing, and managing your online reputation. Learn how online reputation management works, and contact Accelerate Dental Marketing for help. You need to generate reviews as part of your online reputation management strategy. You have lots of options for gathering reviews online.

While you can claim multiple listings, choose one as your main review site. This is where you will direct people to leave reviews. By focusing on a single site, it’s much easier to gather lots of reviews quickly. However, you still want to claim different review site profiles in case any of your patients leave reviews for your practice there.

If you don’t develop a strategy to get your patients to leave reviews, most won’t do it. In fact, you might discover that the only people who leave reviews unprompted are those who are dissatisfied with your practice. That means if you don’t prompt people to leave reviews, you might only end up with negative reviews.

If you want patients to review your practice, you must ask them. Some dentists ask patients directly, while others prefer to send follow-up text messages or emails. These messages should contain a link to the review site of your choice. This process should be as simple as possible so people can easily review your practice.

When patients go home happy and then get a link to leave a review, they are likely to sing your praises on the review site. Review monitoring is a critical component of online reputation management. You need to know what people are saying about your practice, whether it is positive or negative.

Let’s take a closer look at the process for monitoring reviews. Some dental practices ignore positive reviews. They think the reviews speak for themselves, so they don’t require a response. However, responding to the reviews is a way to show your patients that you care about them and their wellbeing.

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Ask the patient to call your office to discuss the matter so you can fix the problem. If the patient is satisfied with your response, he or she might update the review or even delete it. Even if the patient doesn’t update or delete the review, people will see that you take negative reviews seriously and try to make it right.

You might be surprised by the number of people that leave fake reviews for dental practices. Sometimes, it’s an honest mistake. The name of your practice might be similar to another practice in an area, so you end up with the review. Other times, the reason is far more nefarious.

If you think it was an honest mistake, contact the reviewer. Once the person realizes their mistake, they can remove the review. However, if you cannot get the person to remove the review or you think it was done to hurt your practice, you will need to follow the protocol for removing it.

However, depending on where the review was left, you might have to contact the website. Then, the website will explain what to do to remove the review. Receiving fraudulent reviews is very irritating, but don’t allow yourself to argue with the reviewer. That will just hurt your practice. Instead, follow the protocol to get it removed and focus on a strong online reputation management program.

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You also need to monitor mentions across all online channels. You should know every time someone mentions your practice online. Just like reviews, you will find positive and negative mentions. When you monitor your mentions, you can respond to them accordingly. The process is similar to responding to online reviews.

By monitoring your competitors’ reviews and mentions, you will find out what people like and dislike about their practices. You can also see how your practice stacks up to the competition. If you are lagging, use the information you discover in the competitive analysis to make some changes. Even the smallest changes can improve patient satisfaction.

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Online reputation management is an ongoing and time-consuming process. You don’t have the time to treat your patients and manage your online reputation. Fortunately, Accelerate Dental Marketing can handle your online reputation while you care for patients. We are a dedicated dental marketing agency that specializes in small to medium-sized practices.

Because we understand your practice, we can highlight what makes you special, from the one-on-one service to your skills and experience. Dental marketing has changed a lot over the years. You might have lagged behind with your marketing efforts, but you can change that today. Contact us for a free website assessment and quote for our online reputation management services.

The digital age has changed that, though. Now, successful dental practices use email marketing to connect with patients and leads. Email marketing has several benefits that you’ll enjoy, as long as you follow the best practices. You want to incorporate marketing strategies that provide a high ROI, and email marketing fits that bill.